Wines & Cocktails

Via Veneto’s Drink Menu

Wine by the Glass or Bottle

Red Wine                      White Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon        Chardonnay

Chianti                           Moscato

Merlot                            Pinot Grigio

Pinot Noir                       White Zinfandel


On The Rocks

Mango Tango

Mango Vodka, Mango Water Ice, shaken on the rocks


Strawberry Margarita

Tequila, Triple Sec and Strawberry Water Ice on the rocks with fresh lime


Orange Creamsicle

Whipped Cream Vodka, Orange Vanilla Water Ice, shaken on the rocks


Very Red Raspberry

Raspberry Vodka, Raspberry Liqueur & Raspberry Water Ice shaken on the rocks


Spiked Root Beer Float

Vanilla Vodka, Root Beer Water Ice, topped with a Root Beer Soda





Lemon Drop Martini

Citrus Vodka, Lemon Water Ice, served up with a sugared rim


Pina Colada Martini

Double Rum, Coconut Water Ice, Fresh Pineapple Juice finished with a touch of Grenadine


Chocolate Espresso Martini

Fresh brewed Espresso, Chocolate Water Ice, Vanilla Vodka & Kahlua


Sour Apple Martini

Vodka, Sour Pucker and Sour Apple Water Ice, garnished with a cherry


Cotton Candy Martini

Vanilla Vodka & Cotton Candy Water Ice shaken to perfection