About Us

In 1973 Via Veneto was purchased and run by brothers, Domenico and Natale Stabile, along with their cousin, Vito Parisi. All three gentleman came to America with their families from Sicily, Italy in 1969 and saw a great opportunity in opening and running this business together. The first pizza shop was located in Logan Square Shopping Center on Markley Street. In 1978 it moved to another location in the same shopping center for five years. In 1983 Via Veneto relocated across the street to 1803 Markley Street where it still operates today.

Vito, Domenic and Natale have worked hands on during the past 40 years overseeing and guiding every process of their restaurant and Italian ice manufacturing. Their strict attention to every detail has and continues to produce a superior product for their customers. Their main focus has always been providing customers with a delicious product, offering a traditional thin crust pizza and their well-known Sicilian pie. The homemade eggplant parm, chicken parm, cheesesteaks, and hoagies have also been favorites for many, many years.

Their Italian Ice was first made in 1976 for friends and family to taste, and has been a hit ever since. There are 26 flavors sold in coliseums, stadiums, major league training camps, amusement parks, institutions, county and state fairs, convenience stores, the finest restaurants and takeouts, mobile marketing vehicles, flea markets and many other businesses.

Via Veneto prides itself on being a family restaurant with a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is a family business where the children of the owners are now second generation management and look forward to carrying the business forward for many years to come. The staff is consistent and in most cases they know your name and order when you walk through the door. There are remarkable employees that have worked here for over 20 years, providing families in Norristown and surrounding areas with great meals. They play a huge part in keeping locals coming back for more. Via Veneto looks forward to serving the families of Norristown and all surrounding areas for many years to come and thanks all of the customers for their dedication and support over the years! The gratitude is immeasurable!
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